Anthem of Hope | Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, Christian Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Get Help Now Via Live Chat, It's ok to not be ok

Anthem of Hope is a faith-centered organization dedicated to amplifying hope for those battling brokenness, depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction and suicide.





End the stigma. We will speak loud in regards to the battles of those who are affected by mental-health, and we will do what we can to be a voice for those who remain silent. Awareness is just a small piece of our overall mission.



Whether through our social media platforms, live events or our Anthem of Hope community groups, our organization believes that accountability through community is a key factor for anyone looking to find a fulfilling life while battling any type of mental illness.


Through unique content creation, hope journals, workbooks and online courses, Anthem of Hope will provide the tools needed for every individual to discover that life is worth living, and that everyone has a purpose in this world.  


Anthem of Hope is dedicated to providing multiple avenues of support for those who are need. Our 24/7 crisis line and mobile application are only two of the many ways we plan to provide help for those in need.